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We Design for the Whole Experience

Romeo Design Solutions is focused on designing for the whole experience of your audience. We will develop a range of digital and print assets to support your brand while ensuring consistency between web, mobile, and print projects. Working together, we will bring your ideas to life.

Web and Mobile Design

Web and Mobile experiences are digital, but the foundation of design for interaction and usability is rooted in a history of engineering and product design. The focus is on the user.

User Experience Design is at the heart of web and mobile design. How will your audience use your site? What information is most important to your audience? Is your site easy to navigate?

From a technical perspective, we perform code testing for compliance to W3C standards. We follow web security techniques to secure your site against vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting. We utilize caching and compression to enhance efficiency, and follow current Search Engine Optimization techniques to help place your site above your competitors.

Design for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices

Data Size 337KB

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Efficient design minimizes the amount of data that is transferred when a webpage is loading. This is done in a few ways; Reduction of file sizes, Reduction of number of files requested, Use of Caching where files are re-used. Efficiency is most notably important for your mobile audience, where they may view your site on a slow connection, or they may face charges per MB or other data usage limits.

Efficient design is also vitally important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and for creating a positive User Experience. When your page loads fast, your audience will have a better experience using your website and more quickly find the information they are seeking. This will naturally lead to greater customer satisfaction. If your page takes too long to load, your audience will easily go elsewhere.

Video and Photo Editing

Photography and the Motion Picture naturally trace their historical roots to painting. In fact, digital painting techniques are often employed in the editing of digital photography and in the creation of motion pictures.

In a professional environment, it is important that photos and video footage are color corrected and enhanced for visual aesthetics. Your brand deserves clear imagery with true-to-life colors that speak favorably about your business or organization.

The professional artists at Romeo Design Solutions take full control over the image, from both a technical and a creative perspective to deliver the highest quality digital images for your audience. We are always willing to discuss color correction and restoration possibilities for your source images.

How can we isolate a subject and restore a background?

Masking is used extensively in photo editing and video work when digital compositing is employed. Shooting the subject against a solid colored background makes it easier to isolate the subject using the technique of Chroma Keying. For video, this background is usually green, but it may be blue, magenta, black, or white, depending on the requirements of the shoot.

Masks can also be created when the subject is shot against a live background, as demonstrated below.

Masking technique - original photo
1) The original photo. We want to separate the subject from the image and restore the background.
Masking technique - mask
2) A mask is digitally painted with the subject in white and the background in black.
Masking technique - subject cut out
3) With the mask applied, the subject is removed from the background, leaving an empty space.
Masking technique - subject isolated
4) The subject is successfully isolated from the background.
Masking technique - background restored
5) The empty space is painted in to create a solid background where the subject was.

How can we remove a subject in a video and restore the background?

In the following case, a man is giving a presentation on video. A curious man walks behind the presenter, unaware that he is in the frame. When he realizes his mistake, he walks out of the frame.

Utilizing digital compositing techniques like masking, the curious man and his shadow are completely removed from the final video. The background is restored using a clean plate that was created from elsewhere in the source footage, filling the empty space left by the removal of the curious man. Finally, the video is color corrected to make it warmer, and more appealing to the eye.

Please watch a short demonstration of this result in the video below:

Graphic Design

Graphic Design has a history that is rooted in drawing and drafting. From the illumination of Medieval manuscipts to the modern printing press, Graphic Design demonstrates mastery over the fundamentals of line, form, and color.

Graphic Design is essential to a brand's visual identity. Color, line, form, weight, and symbols can communicate essential information about your brand and set it apart from your competitors.

Romeo Design Solutions can create digital and print-ready assets of any specification. It may be office essentials such as letterhead and business cards, or product labels and packaging. The most important consideration is to maintain consistency across all assets in harmony with your brand's style guidelines.

If Romeo Design Solutions was a clothing store…

Red: 230 Green: 107 Blue: 37
Hexadecimal: #e66b25
Red: 255 Green: 255 Blue: 255
Hexadecimal: #ffffff
Red: 68 Green: 68 Blue: 68
Hexadecimal: #444444
Red: 33 Green: 33 Blue: 33
Hexadecimal: #212121

Identity Design

If Romeo Design Solutions was a clothing store, market research would be performed and style guidelines would be created to communicate the brand's qualities while setting it apart from competitors. We would work together with Interior Designers to develop the look and feel of the in-store shopping experience and create storefront and in-store signage to support this. The company's website would be developed to support the needs of customers while extending the customer experience beyond the physical store. Furthermore, assets such as business cards and letterhead would be developed for office use. Shopping bags, product tags, and other branded assets would be designed and printed such as those presented below.